Thursday, May 19, 2005

Celebrity Love Island

Continuing my hate/more hate obsession with celebrities (or 'celeities' as Callum 'famous and useless dad' Best would atempt to spell it - the question is, is he as thick as fuck or is he trying to make us believe that celebrity is close to deity?) I feel I have to make the obvious comment regarding Celebrity Love Island - why not gather up a few more of these useless talentless individuals, put them on the island and just leave them there? Honestly, it's not that cruel, leave a few cameras here and there and they'll be happy, and at least you wouldn't have to leave much food on the island, they don't eat much these famous folk.

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paul said...

much as i hate it all i actually managed to look right into the dark heart of the soul when i caught the end of this the other night. there was one guy in a chair and a woman sun-bathing behind him. they were both tapping their hands. he kept half-rising from the chair slightly to make a comment, then realising he couldn't and sitting down again. this went on in silence for about 5 minutes until the show finished. it was brilliant, pure truth, staring straight at me, long, slow and pointless.