Tuesday, July 12, 2005


No posts for a while as I've been tired. Really tired. Atempting narcolepsy tired. Whether it's work, the heat, the alergy pills (not for hayfever, just to calm down the large itchy welts many insects thought I should have) or something else I've had trouble staying awake and concentrating over the last two weeks. This sleepy state has not helped my productivity any, my blog is not the only thing to have suffered. The ‘regular’ comic has faltered, although I do have 2 single page strips to scan in, and I’ve not written much more of Runt’s Tale (apart from a fairly meaningless but fun slug sequence that I quite like), my anthropromorphic ideas haven’t amounted to anything just yet and Simian still needs completing. The third draft of Simian was intended to be the last but prompting from a friend made me take a more objective look. I’m glad I did. I’m working on the fourth draft and the fourth chapter at the moment, and am beginning to understand the expression ‘kill your children’, what was about 8200 words is now 7000. It’s not just removing words either, whole paragraphs and sentences were repeated several times and I've had to cut paste and reduce accordingly. How had I not noticed? This has been the real lesson of Simian, be objective, and don't fake the rewrites. Looking at it now I can see that my earlier rewrites were simply taking a word out here and there, replacing a few, adding a couple but rarely (ever?) taking the hard looks neccessary to see what's working. So Simian’s first adventure is going to be a little shorter than originally intended but I think it’ll be all the better for it.
Inbetween writing and struggling through my sombulent daze I’ve started sketching some of the artwork to accompany the book, it’s difficult but exciting, which is how I’ve always felt about drawing.


paul said...

oooooh, i feel really bad... i've just remembered that you emailed me some too and i've totally forgotten to read it... comments will be forthcoming tomorrow along with more profuse apologies for my rude laxness!

paulhd said...

I hate you I hate you I hate you.... ok, not really. No apologies needed, I appreciate that there's not always time. Look forward to any comments you have though.