Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Me three

Once more my public asks and I repsond. I promised Danny a look at the beard and Nimiwey needs proof that my hair’s longer, so here’s some photos. They’re in order of date, so the detectives amongst you will have guessed that I’m beardless now, nearly 3 months not shaving is a personal best I think.
With a bit of luck there’ll be a much more exciting picture up tomorrow.
Windswept at Winderemere

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Old, grizzled and barely dry from the rain

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Fresh faced and little smug looking for some reason

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Nimiwey said...

Nice. You are a cute one! When you said hairy you meant...hairy. Rock on.

paulhd said...

Ah shucks. I grow a beard on annual basis, this last one's definitely been the biggest. It's either residual Grizzly Adams or Jim Morrison fixation, take your pick.

Danny said...

Yep, you beat me in the hair length department, deffo... and thers' no way I can manage a full beard. I've been tempted to do the Lemmy / Geoff from Byker Grove and it just ain't happening. But mine's curlier!

paulhd said...

Yeah, your's is curlier, you win! I find mine a bit of a pain in that respect, sometimes straight (1st pic) sometimes curly-ish (2nd) and sometimes neither one or the other (3rd) No idea why it does it.
Lemmy/Geoff. Well, I did have a variety of facial hair experiments as I shaved and took pix for prosperity, there's a jail house/Morgan Spurlock affair going on, an Earl 'tashe and even a Sparks look. I thought the Earl look suited me, Rebecca threatened to hold her breath indefinitely if it stayed.