Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today was the last day of my wife's radiotherapy treatment. The last week's been awful, and it's not really over as radiotherapy stays with you for maybe 2 weeks. In the last week sleep has been difficult and she's been putting up with what feels like bad stomach cramps every few minutes, not pleasant when she's already got the external pain to deal with. Morphine would have helped, but it would cause other problems making things worse, so it's been a grin and bear it situation.
It feels like we should be marking the last treatment with some sort of celebration, but in the circumstances it's not really practical, or possible to be honest. So I bought flowers, a crap mag and a tub of Bailey's ice cream complete with the promise of doing something nice in week or so.
Better news is Olivia's now on her fifth tooth and is becoming more mobile.
Posts about inconsequential nonsense like horror, comics and dopey pin ups will resume:)


Peter Bangs said...

Glad to here all sounds like it's going well. Hope Becs is up to a celebration soon so you can spoil her, though the flowers and Baileys Ice Cream is more than a lot of women I know would have got from the respective other halves.

5 teeth huh? Is Olivia crawling now? or still working up to it?

How are you holding up? As the "well" grown up you're probably under more than a bit of pressure yourself.

Trump said...

Glad to hear Bec's on the home straight. Flowers, mags and ice cream sound good to me too.

New teeth sound good, though the added mobility sounds like a recipe for a sofa chewing to me. Actually, I think it's puppies that do that....

Danny said...

Man... Really glad to hear Bec's treatment is ending even if it'll stick around for a week or two yet. Hope you get to celebrate properly soon.

paulhd said...

Thanks everyone, the ice cream was very nice (I had to help eat it, it was the least I could do)
Olivia crawls backwards mostly, she's very mobile but seems intent on figuring out how to walk before she's mastered crawling. Her most endearing/annoying trait at the moment is leaning to the side when ever someone blocks her view of the telly.
I think you're right Trump, actually we only had a baby as a dog substitute anyway.