Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mike Wieringo

As some of you already know, excellent comic artist Mike 'Ringo' Wieringo passed away recently. 'Ringo was a great superhero artist, he got that they were fun, and his early run on Flash with Mark Waid was fantastic. Friends and fans decided to mark his passing by re-interpreting his Flash characters. The standards of work posted already show the high regard Ringo's work was held in, see it here.
Here's what I've sent.


Peter Bangs said...

I remember you telling me about the time you showed your portfolio to Archie Goodwin. He was so wrong, which I guess was a rarity for one of the best editors ever.

Now DC's Johnny DC line is filled with artists who appear to share the same inspirations, Mike Kunkel on Shazam, Becky Cloonan's Legion and this says to me you should be up there with them.

Good work mate

paulhd said...

Thanks Peter. Guess Archie saw a lot of work, still, as nice as he was it knocked me back a bit.
Looking forward to Kunkel's Shazam. The re-rise of cartooning has been brilliant, I wish I had the chops/time to work on something more than just the odd short story. Trying to build up to it though.