Thursday, October 25, 2007

MY robot page 3

Here's page three, where I attempt to draw a grubby room full of clutter. Quite a stretch for me. Here I am still conscious of the work I need to do to successfully strip down my artwork, and the writer me trips me up with kind of thing. This is where being able to add tones has been really helpful, I hope I've managed to imply squaller in the first panel.
Page 4 is inked and I've started adding tones, should be able to post it up in a couple of days. Only got another week to finish the whole thing so it won't be much longer before I post the rest.


Peter Bangs said...

Nice work again Paul. The mottled tones in the first panel really do add to giving the scene a grubby look.

kelvingreen said...

Yeah, the grubby mottling in the first panel looks great. I'd ask how it was done, but I wouldn't understand the answer.

paulhd said...

Thanks guys, glad to hear you think the dirty room works.
Dead easy to do the mottling effect Kelvin, used the regular round brush at a pretty large size, selected a light grey, set something like 70% opacity and 50% flow and just sort of 'dabbed' for a bit, then I did the same with a darker grey. And repeat until it looked right-ish.

kelvingreen said...

Thanks for that; I'll get experimenting!