Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Beano

Just finished these for Downthetubes, they'll be appearing sometime soon with some of the great artwork already on show, check them out here, and why not draw one yourself.
I'm drawing a pretty nifty script at the moment, will post more details and maybe art when it's ok.


Dave Candlish said...

They are just great! The Beano should snap you up for a full strip!

shane oakley said...

brill! these are spot on, paul!
i agree with dave. you should do up a coupla BASH ST. sample pages, after your deadlines, of course.

Jo Bling said...

Isn't Nick Park the guest editor on the Birthday edition of the Beano? Bash St was always my favourite, top stuff Paul.

paulhd said...

Dave - Cheers. Tell the editors!
Shane - Deadlines are safe, honest. Top Plug BTW.
Jo - Ta. Nick Park is indeed editor, and features in a story.