Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hoo boy

Bit of a shocker art wise this time round. This piece is for the fine chaps at Massacre For Boys, and I decided to be obvious and go for the whole expoitation route. Have to say my initial idea stuck me as all jolly nasty fun, but drawing it became increasingly uncomfortable - but I guess that's the point. The original art minus the book cover style additions feels even more tough to look at, the schlock title and lurid tag-line actually manages to tame it a little by making it look campy and silly I think..... but then I think I've just shown how questionable my taste is.


clergyman said...

It's a fantastic piece of art and we're very grateful for it :)

I know what you mean about feeling uncomfortable, though. The Nazis make such good villains because they were so utterly bad. However you do need to be careful that you don't forget they did all that stuff for real.

I started out writing Walking Wounded as a spoof but the more I do the darker it gets just because whilst old war comics are pretty funny, old wars certainly aren't.

Eric Orchard said...

I think it works really well. no one could mistake this for anything other then a great piece. And Hitler would have hated it. The colour is way to expressive.

paulhd said...

Clergy - Cheers, grateful for the chance.
Eric - Thanks man, your work is excellent!

Curt Purcell said...

Hey Paul--thanks for your permission to post this at Groovy Age! I hope you don't mind, but I took the liberty of writing it up like an actual NEL trashy paperback review--and made sure to give you credit for the art, of course, with a link back here.

paulhd said...

You're welcome Curt. The fake book review works well, cheers for the extra traffic!