Thursday, February 05, 2009


Seeing as it's already been reported on Down the Tubes I guess it's ok to post about.
Emont's kid comic/mag Toxic is to feature a 16 page comic free with the April 1st (no foolin') issue, and 2 of the strips will be drawn by me, I know this, cos I finished them a couple of days ago! I'm chuffed to bits to feature in a kid's humour comic, I'll be going out buying a copy along with a bag of pic 'n' mix and fizzy pop.
Readers get to vote on their favorite strips which could lead to the more stories in the regular comic. There's a cracking line up of creators, for more detail on who's doing what, here's the down the tubes link.


Rob Davis said...

So that's what you've been up to. Any chance of a sneak preview?

Peter Bangs said...

First off, bloody well done and congratulations. I'm gonna nominate you for the Eagle Award for staying power.

Secondly,is this the stuff you were trying to sell them on before or is it something new?

Thirdly, can I get an autographed copy?

Garen Ewing said...

Saw this on Tubes and did an inner Hurrah! (a big one) for you. We can be Egmont buddies now.

paulhd said...

Rob - Yup, that was keeping me busy. Don't think I post sneak peaks, but as soon as I hear different I'll put something up.
Peter - Thank you. Yeah, there's a pic from a couple of month ago with kids and a monster in phone box that is one of the strips. If really want an autographed copy then you can have one.
Garen - Good point Buddie! Cheers for the Hurrah!