Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hi Folks. After another absense here's a cropped and edited couple of sneak peaks of what I've been working on. These are samples I've been cooking up with the fine writer, Dave Hailwood.


Peter Bangs said...

very nice, did you get that copy of, Manga Artist was it? or were these done the old fashioned way before colouring. Any chance you'll be doing samples you've written yourself?

paulhd said...

These were done with brush pen, and a regular pen. Then coloured in photoshop. The elements that I didn't want in black line were drawn in a different coloured pen. Some of the drawing was left til the colour stage.
Might write samples, dunno, not really trying to sell myself as a writer to DCT.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Very nice work Paul !!

Peter Bangs said...

Funny you should be aiming at DCT, just picked up Beano 3500 and really disappointed to see how stale it's become. Much of the art looks like third rate Lew Stringer impersonations. Only Minnie the Minx and Fred's Bed showed any real skill. Of course Fred's by Hunt Emerson so you expect it to be well done. Maybe you're not what they want at DCT but they could use something to bring a bit of life ANd style to the artwork.

Very nice work anyhow and good luck with the samples.

shane oakley said...

HOLY GOSH! these are bloody lovely!

i'm much digging the animation-feel in the colours and the big n' bouncy bright style.
mr.bangs is right, they need a shot of funky-joy over at the BEANO - hope summat good happens, your boat is due.

paulhd said...

Andrew - Thanks man!
Peter - Emerson's work is still brilliant. Noticed a certain animated look to the Dennis strip, so my style might be right. Think there's a broader style in the Dandy at the moment.
Shane - Cheers Sir! For some reason the colours are a little washed out from the originals, glad it still has the same look though.
Here's hoping the DCT folk agree with you, couple more pages and I'll find out.

Jason Cobley said...

This should be in The Beano NOW!!!