Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Incase you don't visit the Groovy Age of Horror blog (and you should), or follow me on twitter (and, well, you can, but should? Not essential), here's sketch I did for it. Psychomania is a strange film I've mentioned on this blog before, Beryl Reid as a devil worshipping mam and Nicky Henson as her Hell's Angel immortal son.... what's not to like?


shane oakley said...

BRILL pic!

love the angle you've chosen and the colour palette, curt must be a happy man - well groovy!

bin listening to the soundtrack recently.
a daft odd little film but one i can't help but love. pity it never started a wave of british biker movies...

mygrimmbrother said...

Excellent - the first thing i see of yours features a guy with a skull and a german helmet.

Met you in Waterstones today - bought a dredd TPB. Nice to meet you!

paulhd said...

shane Thank you, Sir! It is a lovely little film, doesn't quite live up (down?) to it's concept, but lotsa fun.
'grimm' nice to meet you too, some excellent art on you blog, drop me a line, it'd be nice to chat if you like - paulmhd AT googlemail DOT com

clergyman said...

Great picture, not so great a film. George Sanders' last IIRC.
I feel a bit sad about early 70s British horror. Creatively it was a fertile time but then 1974 came along and the whole thing fell off a cliff.

Steve Denton said...

thats a fine image and a worthy of a poster!