Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year post

This is the 3rd go at writing, the previous two were too negative. 2009 was a pain in the arse for many reasons, but I have done stuff. I spent time with my family, I drew, and I honestly think I got better.
So, 2009 was a sod, but I won, I beat you '09, screw you!
Here's what I'll be doing in 2010.
1. Getting off my fattening arse. I've just moved into 36inch waist jeans and am none too happy about it. The day's of 32inch are gone, and I can't be arse with them, but 34 sounds about right.
2. Super secret project with Jason Cobley. I think the plan is to keep it under wraps and see if any publishers bite. If they don't we'll release it ourselves. It's awesome!
3. Astro Dog. This poor fella has sat around since the untimely demise of The DFC, I had some lovely feedback when I posted about him earlier, but nothing much seems to have come of that. The plan now is to turn it into a fresher pitch and send it out again.
4. My webcomic. This one probably won't start until April. It's too early to say much about it, but I will be looking at a weekly updated self contained story, that'll run to book length. I'll post more about this as it gets closer.
5. Odds n sods. I'll still be contributing to the two Huzzah strips. I've sat on a few bits of samples I intend to send off soon, and there's a couple of other commitments.
6. Keep up that family time.
7. Less internet. I've slowed down posting, and I've cut down tweeting, but I still spend a lot of time looking at nonsense online. Best to knock a lot of that on the head. I'll still be about, but in a more worthwhile less time sapping way.
And that's it, hope you all have a fantastic New Year!


Peter Bangs said...

Bloody good set of decisions. Blogging, tweeting etc need to be a part of a promotional salesy pitchy wichy thing for you and you need product first. that sentence got away from me a bit in the middle there.

For purely selfish reasons I want a copy of Astrodog in my hands before Harry's three, so anything you decide that makes that more likely is great news.

Very sensibly you keep the most important thing in there, family time. It's only when you suddenly get a healthy dose of it unexpectedly that you realise what you'd been missing and how important it is.

You, Becs and Olivia have yourselves a bloody good 2010

Garen Ewing said...

Happy new year, Paul. 2010 looks good for you!

Dave Hailwood said...

All the best for the new year, Paul!

I look forward to seeing what you and Jason are working on, and hope the project's a success.

goodgame77 said...

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