Sunday, April 18, 2010

why no pictures?

Sorry for the lack of art. I recently finished a book cover and am close to finishing a pitch with Jason Cobley, but nothing else worth posting. In all honesty I'm a bit burnt out on blogging.
It's my own fault, after getting a few things published I started to think all wrong about what I drew. I tried to force myself into doing things in a manner that just wasn't me. So I drew less and was unsatisfied with what I did.
Comics only pay great if you do a certain kind, and I'm not interested, or maybe even good enough for those. Truth is I have a limited amount of time (I work full time and my wife works full time. Days off work are most likely spent looking after my daughter, or it's a rare family day) any drawing I do should be self indulgent, not tampered with in the hope for a bit of cash. So, no more looking for a paying gig. If something comes up that I like, great. If not, I'll be pleasing myself.
I've no idea if this means less drawing as I focus on other things, or more as I rediscover what I like.
I came to this after feeling quite low, but once I decided to pull back from things I felt pretty good. That seems like a good sign.


Chris Askham said...

I know exactly where you're coming from Paul - that sounds so familiar it's scary!

paulhd said...

Good to know it's not just me!

shane oakley said...

lo, paul. i sympathise/empathise.
bin that place a few times.

but i think you're doing the right thing. when it doesn't give you that buzz anymore, then what is the point?

your art is always at it's best when you're 'having fun'.
and i'm sure we'll be seeing plenty of that, sooner rather than later.

Andrew Glazebrook said...