Sunday, January 16, 2011


This was an itch that needed scratching. I first came up with the idea for this strip almost five years ago, and posted a couple designs. Since then it's just sat in a dusty drawer in my brain.
As I never forgot the idea, I thought it deserved to be put to paper. The paper itself is pretty big, almost A2 as I saw this looking like a Sunday Comics page and wanted to try and capture some of that feel.
I had another idea for a second strip, hopefully it won't take five years this time.


Peter Bangs said...

This is fabulous. I love the elements of James Whale's film, the way the monster is bald and the atmospheric first panel. Then on top of that it was laugh out loud funny as well. Very nice work Paul and more proof to me that your own writing brings out the best in your artwork.

Gary Crutchley said...

I agree with Peter,'tis a crackin' page with masterful story telling and art. Definitely like to see more of this Paul.

Ade Salmon said...

When I was drawing The Cybermen I did the pages A2 , I found it stopped me getting finicky with each mark being a sweep of the arm! Working digitally now is weird in size respect - you can draw something A4 yet see it at A2 or bigger when working on it. How things change.

Great piece !


paulhd said...

Peter - Cheers! Other people's scripts helps me get out my comfort zone a little. But I do enjoy doing me own whenever I actually get an idea!
Gary - Thanks, I do intend to draw that 2nd strip.... sometime.
Ade - Not really done much digital drawing, but my reason for doing this A2(ish) was just as you said. Glad you like it!