Friday, November 04, 2011

The Leopard of Lime Street

My updating of the UK classic, 'The Leopard of Lime Street'. One of things I loved about the strip was the working class grittiness, so I've pushed that a little further with use of council flats. From that it was easy to imagine a whole new 'Leopard' strip making used of parkour. I'd love to see that happen.
With me drawing it, of course:)


kelvingreen said...

Love it -- particularly the colour contrast -- and the parkour is a clever idea.

paulhd said...

Thanks, Kelvin. Like a lot of UK strips, I'd love to see it come back. And like a lot of those strips, it's unlikely. Shame.

james corcoran said...

That's a lovely image you doing a modern take on it would be great. I did a strip called kid tiger on my blog which was basically my take on it but I kind of floundered after six pages.

shane oakley said...

the leopard in a parka?

paul! i fekkin love this - is it up for sale?

have you thort, like james, just doing a 'paul grist' with it, pitch to the phoenix?

paulhd said...

James - Thank you. Just had a look at your blog, great work, and Kid Tiger looked great, hope you're able to get back to it sometime.
Shane - Cheers! Happy for the art to find a good home.
I'd love to do do a Grist. Not sure I'd pitch to The Phoenix, but I did think it might be fun to a little story with The Leopard of Lime Flats:)