Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Not posting about New Years resolutions. Last year was highs and lows, and I just want to get on with 2012. I've made a list of various projects, and am considering doing a comic about coal mining in the North East in the 50s. Publishers will be lining up for that one!


Suzanne said...

coal mining? I'd like to see how you make that comedic. seriously. I would.

staticgirl said...

I could see someone like the People's History Museum being interested - after all if the British History Museum can 'sponsor' a manga why can't the others!

paulhd said...

Suzanne - What? Who ever said it would be comedic? Easier if I call it a Graphic Novel?
Staticgirl - Yes, if I do it (and I would like to) I'd like to make it available to Museums. As well as the BHM's manga there's also the Louvre's series of comics/graphic novels/bande dessinee. So there's definitely a precedence.