Saturday, March 31, 2012

Astrodog Redux

SO, if you've been visiting for a while and have a long enough memory, you may remember the trials of a comic I came up with called Astrodog. If not, don't worry, I plan on bring him back. Astrodog was lined up to appear in The DFC, which sadly folded. By the time The Phoenix was launched there was apparently no place for Astrodog, and I must admit I felt like his time had passed. But I've always had a soft spot for him.
After digging out the work I'd done I decided to expand the (slight) storyline (still slight!) and have about 30 pages of pencils. The plan is to pootle away for a few more months on it and knuckle down in my Summer holidays. It'll be in a landscape format for computers and tablets and maybe about 40-odd pages long.
Here's the redesign roughs
 And pencil sketches
 And some colour tests.
I'm still of the mind that this colour style is the way to go, but that it might be a bit too fiddly. Hopefully I'll get it right when it comes to the final art.
In the meantime I also plan to resurrect a few old ideas. There may be more posts like this.


peter bangs said...

Paul, you've made an old man very happy. Look forward to seeing this and sharing it with Molly.

(I'm psyched)

paulhd said...

Of this was going to make anyone happy I knew it'd be you!
Hope you like the redesign.