Tuesday, May 15, 2012


After explaining to my daughter what a utility belt was, she told me if she had a utility belt it would be full of different coloured paint that she'd shoot out of wrist bands. That way she could colour all the things the baddies made look miserable. And so 'Paint Girl' was born. And I had to draw her.


peter bangs said...

That's just cute. Will she meet astrodog for an adventure?

paulhd said...

Well, Olivia has a cameo in Astrodog, so, no. On the other hand Paintgirl received some nice comments on twitter and Olivia actually came up with a backstory that seemed fun. Got me thinking about the Leopard of Lime Street pic/revamp I did and I thought I could mix them together. Sort of a cross between Chopper and De Blob (a Wii game if you haven't heard of it). Another project to add to the list!

peter bangs said...

Paintgirl, righting wrongs in colour. I'd buy that one