Friday, July 30, 2004


I don't want to draw this damn thing! Why can't I just lie back on the couch, drink coffee and read!? Huh? Why? I'm doing this in such a piecemeal fashion it's taking forever, but I just can't sit down and get on with it. If anything proves I don't have the patience to be a comic artist this is it. I just can't imagine drawing scripts that don't interest me and making a living at it. No more comics. If I do anything else it'll be for me me me!


paul said...

Yes, hear hear... but this is exactly the reason i can't earn a living from things i really enjoy. They either don't earn me any money or present significant periods of boredom when viewed as a job. There is no happy medium within the capitalist system i think.

paulhd said...

Yeah, when viewed as work the fun can be drained from these things, but in this case it was simply a bone head choice on my part, I admit it. I've tried to skirt round this by not naming names, but it's pretty obvious that I don't like the script, was a poor choice of illustrator and accepted the job in difficult circumstances (ie I was asked to draw it in a manner not suited to me) The happy medium, the only one that exists I think, is in charging for the jobs you actually want to do. In this case I'm, not happy with the job and I'm not getting paid, but I feel I have a responsibility to complete it.