Friday, July 09, 2004

Ignore the poor deluded fool

I've not really given much away about Simian Smith have I? I'm being over cautious, but telling a potentially large amount of people what my ideas are doesn't seem terribly wise. It's arrogant to suggest the little book I'm working on is worthy of being stolen by some literary thief who searches the internet looking for works of genius that some trusting fool has put on a website. But the thing is I wouldn't be doing it at all if I didn't think it was worth publishing.
So I will tell you this. I originally started Simian Smith as a comic strip, he appeared in only 2 issues of a small press comic called BAM before the publisher put BAM on hold and I decided comics were too hard to write and draw. The book of Simian Smith is and adaptation of the unfinished comic. I still get to write and draw, but it's in a scale and manner I find much more suitable. And that's your lot.
Looking at the above I do have to wonder about myself. I mean, it does look really odd. I honestly don't think someone's going to nick my idea.
Please feel free to leave comments about this subject, even if it's only to tell me I'm being a dick.

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paul said...

I want to tell you you're being a dick, but I'm still puzzling over that photography show I saw last year that I swear stole some of my blurb from an earlier exhibit. I'm probably being a dick too, but then again paranoia is justified when it really happens!