Sunday, January 16, 2005

Late top 10 entries

Okay, this has turned out to be a bit of an albatross. Obviously there's been loads of great things about 2004 but not all of them worth posting. It's not helped by me bunching a load of my favourites together in the first couple of entries, what was I thinking? Danny chose a couple I'd have done and there's no point in repeating them, especially as Danny did a fine job in saying what I would have liked to say if I had the ability to. So, here's the last lot with very little explination cos I just want done with it now.
Number 4 Finishing the first draft od Simian Smith. It was a great feeling, so good I'm not sure I care what becomes of it. Next time I'm struggling with something I'll remember the feeling completion provides and soldier on.
Number 3 Holiday in Amsterdam. Me, my wife, 4 days of being together with no interuptions in a lovely city. Perfect.
Number 2 Green Wing. After the unbelievably brilliant Garth Marenghi's Dark Place the equally brilliant Green Wing took over, everything about this show worked, even though at first I had my doubts. Mark Heap is a comedy god and the only thing wrong with the whole thing was that Channel 4 are getting behind one and not the other. Stop messing around 4 get Dark place out on DVD!
Number 1 Living in our bungalow. Ok, it's not 'ours' we rent it. After putting up with crap houses with neighbours who think we want to hear everything they can hear it's been heaven to come home to peace and quiet. It's not a perfect place, but it doesn't have the paper thin walls that typify the average Nottingham house that has the gall not to be a 10 bedroom giant.

.....and that's it, phew!

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paul said...

yeah, dark place damnit. i need to see more of it.