Monday, January 24, 2005

Perfect Weekend

It seems like it's been months since my wife and I had a couple of days off to ourselves, but then it probably has been months. Sometimes out two rotas just don't fit neatly together and we end up maybe having a day off together once every couple of weeks. Those odd days off for the last few months have been used up for mundane jobs such as food shopping or being spent on a train to see family for a couple of hours before getting back on train then going back to work. But not so for the weekend just gone. Two days off together with no errands and no visiting.
On Saturday we had a nice lie in, slobbed around for a while reading watching the tv and drinking coffee before heading into town for a look round the shops and then going to see Million Dollar Baby (which was excellent) stopping briefly inbetween to eat cookies and drink more coffee. After the film we had a quick drink and then went to a nice veggie restuarant called Squeek, a place where we are always promising ourselves we'll go to more often but still only manage it about twice a year. Instead of getting a bus or taxi home we walked back, it took nearly an hour and was pretty cold but after such a nice day spent doing nothing more than enjoying each others company neither of us wanted to cut it short with a quick trip home.
Sunday was quiet, mostly we sat on the couch doing nothing much, but we did go out for a walk in the park. it was cold but the sky was clear and it just seemed a perfect opportunity to wrap up and go walking. The pond in the park was packed with ducks geese and swans, people were walking their dogs, kid's had kites and we sat in the cafe and shared a twix and had a hot chocolate.
It's likely that when I go to work tomorrow someone will ask if I did much over the weekend, I'll probably say nothing much and it'll be true, but it's been the nicest nothing I've done for a long time.

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