Monday, August 29, 2005

My day off

Ah sweet Bank Holiday Monday! My week off has had a last minute extension and I’m going to try and pack in a load of work I should have done but was too busy doing nothing. Ok, I’m not going to pack in too much. One thing I’d like to do it finish Simian Smith (and then I never have to type the words ‘Simian’s nearly finished’ again) and will be setting aside a couple of hours later to do just that - amazing how little little time I actually need as long as it’s spent focusing on one thing. Artwise I’ve been a good boy lately and have two illustrations all pencilled and ready to be inked (this is the second go at these as I wasn’t happy with the first try). And that’s all I’d like to do today, finish writing and get those pix inked...... easy.... maybe.
Off course the really distraction is the little pile of books and comics I’ve got crying and whimpering to be read. The book I’m reading’s not even that good but I have to finish it - it’s not a bad idea I’m just not convinced by the execution, anyway, I’ve got to know how it ends.
And then back to my humdrum life tomorrow. Bugger. I really should work harder at the writing and drawing so I can get paid for something I enjoy.
In other news my sister is going to be moving much closer to me... gulp. I’ve not seen much of her in about 12 years (shocking isn’t it) so even though we get on okay I find it really difficult to have anything to say. Can’t believe I can’t find any common ground with my own sister, hopefully some proximity will help improve things.

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