Sunday, December 11, 2005

Things I've learnt since my last post

1. League Of Gentlemen are brilliant and their panto was excellent.
2. It’s nice seeing family.
3. I like nice people and am fed up of not nice people.
4. I don’t think I like getting drunk anymore and I don’t like drunks - whiskey’s still nice though.
5. Depressed people can be very selfish people.
6. Knowing my own mind doesn’t mean I don’t change my mind.
7. I miss writing and drawing.
8. E. L. Konigsburg really is a very good writer.
9. Odo Hirsch is pretty nifty writer too.
10. I wish I was spending more time with my wife - particularly at Christmas.
11. I’m very tired.
12. I’m fed up moaning.
13. Mean and moody is all very well but funny silly is far more endearing.
14. David Tenant is going to be a brilliant Doctor Who and looks aces fighting aliens in his jimjams.

I’ve probably learnt many other things, but they’ll do for now.


Gopher said...

I can mostly agree with all except 8, 9, 10, and 14 (and the Whiskey comment in 4).

I have yet to form an opinion on the others (and haven't thought much about spending more time with your wife at Christmas!).

My favourite is 6... I stills struggle with that one.

Nimiwey said...

Depressed people are selfish by definition, aren't we, er I mean they? I'm off drinking for a bit, too, but there are times I really enjoy it, but only in Martin enjoys it with me.

Nice post, Paul. I may copy you soon :-)

Danny said...

Yeah... had a love/hate relationship with drinking for a while mostly hate recently. Tipsy's fun, just giggly, but actually drunk... Nah...

so that's a yes to 1,2,3,4,6,7,and 11-14. dunno about 5 but see your point.

paulhd said...

Happy to inspire Nimiwey.
Tipsy is fun and I think that's about as much as I need. Anyway I'd rather savour a nice drink than get drunk.
5. Not really making a value judgement with that one, but I do think it's pretty much true - at least when I've been depressed I've been pretty much oblivious to how it's effected those close to me. Guess I only just made the connection.
Danny and Gopher, don't you like Konigsburg and Hirsch? Don't you want me to be with my wife, what's that about? :)

Gopher said...

I didn't mean you spending more time with your wife!

Okay, I thought Konigsburg was an beer...

I really haven't formed an opinion on Konigsburg or Hirsch... I haven't even read either.

paulhd said...

Ha, I guess Konigsburg does sound like a beer. She's fairly well known in America I believe, 'From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler' is a bit of a classic over there I believe. She writes very nicely about precocious kids in quriky circumstances. I suppose Odo Hirsch is similar in that respect.

Gopher said...

I have read some parts of Konigsburg's work but only in quote-pages. I like the quotes, but I don't count that as reading any of her work.

Still know nothing about Hershey... I mean Hirsch.