Monday, September 11, 2006


It's a pram, it's a car seat, it's a push chair! Yes my new toy just stops short of turning into a large kick arse robot.
Nice having a pram in the house, what with Rebecca's belly-button becoming an 'outie' last night I things are moving forward baby-wise.


fleur118 said...

Did she feel it go pop?

Garen said...

All my friends tell me off for calling their baby-transport-contraptions a 'pram' - it's a 'buggy' you know! I'm trying to be calm about it, but there's something I hate about the word buggy for a pushchair, or, as I now stoically call it, a perambulator. :-)

paulhd said...

Sorry sis, although wouldn't life be better with soundfx.
Oh, I think pram's fine, but then I tend still say 'comics' and not graphic novels!

Katy said...

Baby stuff is so fab these days! Why would anyone want to grow up?

I. N. J. Culbard said...

I say graphic novels.

We bought a Maclaren. It's fast too.