Saturday, October 21, 2006

The new me

Very much like the old me really, but with slightly shorter hair and some glasses to pick up in a weeks time. Sadly it seems the new me still has terrible eyesight and I've discovered it's worse than I thought. Due to the appalling state of my 'bad eye' (the right one), not only is my other eye doing all the work but my brain is in fact not even registering the duff eye, it could be poked out and make no difference to how well I see at the moment, I'm like a cyclops. The glasses are to take the pressure off the working eye and to correct it because it's not actually that good (I'm badly long sighted in my right eye and slightly short sighted in my left), there's not much point in doing much with the duff eye as it's not paying any attention to what's happening anyway - also it'd require a lense the size of a jam jar bottom and I had enough of that as a kid. Tsk.
We bought the last lot of baby stuff (for now!) today, so now we're just sitting tight waiting for the stork.


Nimiwey said...

fuck the stork, dude, it's all vaginal work now. the stork gets no goddamned credit when that shit rips. i mean, good luck..

paulhd said...

Oo, I couldn't do that to a stork.

Trump said...

Someone said the V word.

I'm still feeling a little odd.

When is the wee bean coming out? It feels like we're waiting for an elephant.(though I'm sure Bec feels x10 worse!)

Nimiwey said...

LOL sorry, I forgot you're all English, my bad!

I moved again, Paul, if you're interested

Jo Bling said...

This sounds like what happened to me. I was getting BLINDING headaches so ended up going to the Optician for a speculative eye test. Turned out I needed glasses as one eye was working overtime for the other, much like your situation Paul. Cue £100 for spectacles.

Get home that night. Headaches kick off again. Try dentist next and discover that it's toothache all along that's causing the headaches. Cue me further out of pocket and now with a pair of glasses I don't really need.

Aint life grand! :-D

paulhd said...

The bean's coming in about 2 weeks Trump, judging from the shapes poking though Bec's belly it could be an elephant.
Thanks for the head's up Nim.
Eek, dentists, eek, and eek again.