Monday, October 09, 2006


Haven't posted for a while which mean's I'm burning out, drawing regularly (for me!) has been great and there's a lot more characters I want to draw, but I think I need to broaden things a little.
It's possible that there'll be another 'Best New Manga' and I'd like to be in that one too (got my cheque for the first one - due out end of the month folks, be sure to check it out... please!) - the only thoughts I've had is that it'll be a horror story and something to do with a wedding..... and zombies probably.
Links have been updated, blogs that aren't updating anymore (I've kept Garen's because it goes to 'Rainbow Orchid') have been (oh so ruthlessly) and changed the Bryan Lee O'Malley (creator of the fantastic 'Scott Pilgrim') link to his livejournal.
I've also deleted the link to my writing samples, as I wasn't updating much.
Rebecca's only got 4 weeks of big big belly left and everything's going well, Olivia's got a strong heartbeat and is already keeping her mum awake. There's still a bit of work to do in the nursery, but the cot's up and we bought a cool playmat and mobile last weekend - I'm getting jealous of all the cool stuff babies get to have!c


Danny said...

holy crap - only 4 weeks left? where the hell have the last months gone...

Katy said...


I shall be making a sojourn to your northern climes to visit the heir apparent to the Harrison-Davies clan which she makes her glorious appearance (well, maybe a week or two after)

Also, you can link to my new blog if you wanna (and you know you do!)

Nimiwey said...

How exciting! Get some sleep, now Paul, it's all about to end. No more loafing in bed, and every time you lips will get close to Rebecca's Olivia will need something, right then, at least until she's 18.

Strangely, all the work...yet you'll find yourself enamored with baby poop and cutting teeth as though they are monumental accomplisments, I'm looking forward to hearing your take on the frightening joy that is parenthood!!