Friday, December 01, 2006


Bloomsbury returned my manuscript today. Disappointing getting a form rejection after the positive response from Orion. Unfair of me really, can't expect publishers to take time out to critique every manuscript they receive.
Few more publishers to try though before I let Simian rest and see if I can interest someone in something new.


Danny said...

Damn... Really really sorry to hear that. Who're you looking at next?

paulhd said...

Cheers mate. Felt a bit deflated all night, btu better in the clear light of day.... helps that it includes a French market in town with smell cheesy, lots of cake and.... no, that covers it.
I'm not thinking of any particular publishers, although there's some I prefer to others, as I'd be pretty much just happy to be published. There are a fair few more to contact, misery aside I've only actually contacted two so far!

Jo Bling said...

Paul, sorry to hear that sir. Who did you send it to there? And what M/S is it for???

paulhd said...

Thanks Mr Bling. It was the Simian Smith m/s, not sure who read it as I sent it via a work contact, it may have been Madeleine Stevens, but there's another name on the letter that I can't make out. Talking about the letter, hope I'm not making it sound like it wasn't a very good one or anything like that, just the typical over sensitive artiste in me!