Monday, December 18, 2006

What have I been up to?

As Peter points out, I've had an out of character bout of no posting.
Time's been taken up with Olivia, work (retail + Christmas=AAARGH!!!!), getting back into exercising again (great timing I know) and roughing out artwork for a story in the upcoming AccentUk Zombie book.... sneak peaks artwise coming as soon as there's something peakworthy. Been catching up on some reading too, but nothing particularly great as it turned out and I don't want to be negative about other people's work. I do have a proof of Joe Hill's upcoming book to read which I'm hoping will be good. Thanks to the new age of information the big secret that he's Stephen king's son wasn't a secret for long (nice to hear it was as much a surprise for his publisher, although I bet it now makes it's way onto the marketing!)
Better get back to things.


Peter Bangs said...

good to have you back. Wasn't meaning to chide you, I'd rather you were drawing or writing, hell I'd rather I was too. Just having done the new parent thing I was hoping it wasn't that Olivia was ill. Glad everyone's alright.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Good to see you posting something even if it is only text ! Hope you and your family have a great Holiday Season and Happy New Year.


paulhd said...

Wish I had been doing more writing and drawing Peter, forgot how much staring at blank is invovled in drawing comics!
Don't worry, if Olivia was ill I'd probably post to say I wouldn't be posting, 1 week posting gap aside I'm pretty OCD about this sort of thing now (just ask Danny , whenever he emails I'm often hitting reply before he's hit send.
Happy Christmas and fine New Year to you and yours Andrew, and everyone, merry Christmas everyone! (possible christmas pic to follow if I get my arse into gear (love the fox BTW peter)!

Peter Bangs said...

A quick parenting tip for the future. If you decide to go with buying a pet, check out it's life expectancy first. We've just buried Molly's second Hamster and there is nothing in the world that will break your heart worse than watching your child cry when there's nothing you can do. Bitch of it is she seems to be allergic to dogs so we're probably having to look at getting a tortoise. Not the world's most exciting pet.

Jo Bling said...

You've no need to make excuses, you're a daddy for crapola's sake, Paul! :-D You take your time - I too am struggling to get back into swing of blogging since Scarlett arrived and that was AGES ago! Some things are more important.

Hope you guys have a lovely Xmas fella


paulhd said...

Cheers, merry Christmas to you and your family too sir!