Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Three (Miserable) Bears

Edited to replace wandering pic.
Still not so hard at work doodling pinups, there's two nearly ready to post, but I'm trying to make my mind up if one should have some background (I draw them on occassion!) or not. In the meantime here's an old picture I did.
This was a bit different for me, mainly because it was one of my first attempts at using a pen (flexible nib), but also it was me trying to build a portfolio. Both of those endeavors were doomed. Even though I was pleased with the penwork I started missing chunky lines (it also threw up an odd thing for me, I love scratchy wibbly (technical term) pen lines, but also love smooth fluid brush lines, I'd love to combine both but have never managed it - maybe using brush work on textured paper as well as pen might work? The other doomed aspect was the portfolio, my usual lack of ideas and inability to stop dithering and just enjoy my work led to me giving up (not unusual for me, after a nightmare year of illustrating greeting cards for idiots I stopped drawing for about 6 months. I also tend to quit drawing comics once or twice a year!), and this story got no further than 3 pages .
It's a shame I didn't complete my own version of the Three Bears as I actually knew the basic plot which is odd for me. Anyway, at least I've got that look on baby bears face, love the way that turned out!


I. N. J. Culbard said...

excellent. love the line and yes, baby bears face looks great.

Jason said...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I can't see no Bears at all ?! It looks like the pic link has gone !

paulhd said...

Wow, thanks Jason.
Cheers Ian, definitely going to rethink my inking, time to shake things up again.
Andrew, they were eating some blonde kid, they're back now.

Andrew Glazebrook said...

That blonde kid can't have tasted very nice,they all look very peed off !! Very nice work though,and that little bears face looks like he's just watched 3 Star Wars prequels back to back !!

paulhd said...

That would just be cruel and unusual, even for a porridge steal bed nicking peroxide strumpet.