Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meanwhile, back at home

Rebecca had her last chemotherapy yesterday. Sadly it's not the end of the treatment as there's radiotherapy next. This is to minimise chances of the cancer coming back and to sort of 'mop up' what's left - which seems to be very little after the examination, pretty good as one of the masses was 8cm.
Radiotherapy won't be any where near as long as chemotherapy, but will still have some side effects, particularly in Rebecca's case. Finger's x-ed that she deals with this as well as she has with everything else. Not long now and it'll all be over...... *big sigh*


Katy said...

I'm so glad to hear that Bec's in the final stages of treatment, and everything has gone smoothly so far.
I really admire how you and especially Bec have coped with all of it. You guys rock! xx

paulhd said...

Thanks katy.

paul said...

hoorah, glad that you're almost through the treatment. as katy says it sounds like you've handled it all really well and it sounds like the treatment has been very successful. my best to becs.

paulhd said...

Cheers Paul. Bec's handled it brilliantly.