Sunday, July 01, 2007


Just finished messing around with 'Zombie of the Great Unwashed', it's now got a grey tone and some general tidying up. If you want to see the new version go here I'm going to work on a toned version of 'Bad Advice', my contribution to 'Best New Manga', I might even redo some of the bit's that don't work, it's a bit of a Lucas, but seeing as I was turned away from doing something for the 2nd volume I figure it probably does need improving. No badly CGed characters will be added though:)


paul said...

oh yeah, it's still great, very nice work.

speaking of zombies (or near zombies), how do you rate 28 weeks later? i managed to catch it the other week and it was bloody ace.

paulhd said...

Ta paul.
Yeah, enjoyed 28 Weeks, not as good as 28 days though, click on the film tag and you should see a post about it.