Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another one done

Am I all caught up with my work? Am I buggery. Mad submission's done though and I've just the amendments for my Best New Manga 3 contribution. All in time to go to a work related course, finish that and then hop on a train to Cambridge to join the happy celebration of a good friends marriage (hi Danny!) All in all, it's been a hectic week's 'holiday'!
Luckily the work course means I can get the time back, so I don't have to go straight back to work, which means I can have a genuine rest with my family before the next round of artwork needs to be done.
Never ever do in your spare time what you'd rather do as your full time job! That's gonna be my advice to Olivia when she grows up.
So, best not to show my Mad submission, but I don't think there'll be any problem with showing a few bits out of context.


shane oakley said...

PAUL!!! The Mad strip is looking fabulous; bold and energetic colours and styling - love it! Really hope they agree(though i don't know how 'funny' it is..).
I actually forgot Mad still existed, haven't seen a copy in yonks.
Bestest, Shane.

paulhd said...

Ta muchly Shane.
For some reason my local papershop gets Mad in, but not 2000ad etc, maybe the owner's a fan?
Glad you like the panels, obviously I only picked out the one's the worked best:) I'll let Mad decide how well the whole pages work, but the bloke who wrote the (pretty funny I reckon) script's happy, which makes me feel like I dun good.
Right, time to catch a train.

Jason Cobley said...

Love that one. Strawberry! Like Shane, I'd completely forgotten Mad still existed. Can't remember the last one I saw. Very nice indeed!

paulhd said...

Cheers Jason - nice Zombie banner on your blog:) Cheers for the name check!

Dave Hailwood said...

Medium Flake worked out pretty nicely, I reckon. Darned tight deadline, but we got there in the end eh?

The more I look at the artwork, the more I enjoy it. Roll on Bunk Mates! (at least that one can be in Black and White for now, since Bulletproof's a B/W comic).

It's a pleasure to be working with you, Paul.

paulhd said...

Thanks Dave, pleasure was all mine.
Ah, good ol' B&W, looking forward to it.