Tuesday, April 29, 2008

HD news*

So, I finally got some word on my sort of secret project that I mentioned a while back now, and it's a good word, a couple of them in fact. There's still a way to go though, and I'm still not sure I can share anything online, which is really bugging me, as I'm really pleased with the artwork I did on my proposal. Still, a few of you have already seen some of the art, and anyone who has my email can ask me for a look if they like.
I've been replacing some comics I foolishly (ok, I needed the room, but now I have a loft) got rid of over the years and I'm thinking some of the old indie stuff's going to be hard to replace, so I was chuffed to see there's going to be a Java Town collection from SLG, good news indeed, Java Town was not only a fine read for coffee fans and lovers of the odd but Scott Saavedra's cartooning was just perfect, and rather hilarious. Saavedra's Dr Radium comics were pretty good too, I'll have to get round to picking up the collections of those, but Java Town's an essential purchase.
As a tenuous link (Rock and Roll High School is one of the 'lost' comics I've been struggling to replace), check out Shane Oakley's blog for a teaser for an upcoming comic from him, the artwork is utterly amazing.
Garen Ewing's not only finishing up Rainbow Orchid for a big publisher, he's also working on the rather cool looking DFC, Garen won't be in the 1st issue, but don't let that put you off,he's got details here, and I've already picked my subscription up.
Seems like a while since I posted any artwork, I'll be back in a couple of days with a sample from a strip I'm drawing for Bulletproof called Bunk Mates, and I've got to scan an old strip I did for Violent! so I'll probably post that too.
* HD being Harrison-Davies, not high def, although I'm thinking I might insist people call me this back in the hood.

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