Friday, August 22, 2008


Busy weekend coming up, I've got to finish the artwork for the project I mentioned last post - I've also got the go-a-head to post a couple of no spoiler pieces, so I'll do that next week.
In the meantime, please watch this complete and utter genius piece of total wrongness.


dribbs said...

a bit of plasticine genius.
And if this zombie strip is what I think it is, then I'm looking forward to seeing these no spoiler pieces

Andrew Glazebrook said...

It was like the Bad Taste version of Morph,Peter Jackson teams up with Aardman !!! :) I can't wait for the live action version.

paulhd said...

Dribbs - Isn't it though. I believe the zombie strip is indeed what you think it is, and I'm still drawing it! Not sure which bit is non-spoilery though. Hmmm. Nice Western work on your blog by the way, looking good.
Andrew - An even longer plasticine version would do me. Aardman meets Peter Jackson, heh:)

Roland said...

freakin awesome. Live action was totally make a hash of it, This is too perfect