Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bunkmate, the sequel

For those with long memories you might recal I posted something called Bunkmates which is due to appear in issue 2 of Bulletproof - available in time for BICS. I've just finished the artwork for another Bunkmates ready for issue 3, so here's a dialogue free sneak peak, in, unusual, colour this time.


Dave said...

Ayeup Paul
Thanks for pssing by my blog, sometimes it just seems like nobody bothers doesn't it? I like the p'shop colours on your work, the Beano illos and this strip in particular. I'd love to add some sort of quick shades/tones on my stuff occasionally, but just can't figure out how it works---and the worst thing is, there are so many ways to do it too...

paulhd said...

Yeah, artists need comments like they need caffine and sugar - or is that just me?
I seem to use a different technique everytime I open photoshop, I'm sure I'll settle on something, but for now it's fun to keep trying something new.
I'm sure you'll be at BICS, I'll have to drop by and pic up your new comic/paper.