Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life, lots of it

Well, it's been a sucky time of late with the day job getting strange and unhelpful, so yesterday's drama was wonderfully timed. My little girl took a tumble and managed to bit through her lip, which was bad enough, but having to hold her down whilst she got stitches was just horrible, being the 'having to deal with it' parent is not pleasant. Luckily it was only a couple of stitches and my daughter's Wolverine like resilience and recuperative powers apart from a bit of a trout pout every thing's back to normal, and the sedative kids get also means they don't remember things like needles and thread in their lips.
On the more pleasant side of things I got my advance copy of Best New Manga 3, and it's a cracking looking book, the best volume by far, and gets a big thumbs up for it's beautiful colour reprint of a Skeleton Key one off. It's weird seeing a piece of work I did almost a year ago, luckily the other work in the book makes up my short comings, so you've all got no excuse, go out and buy a copy!


Jason Cobley said...

Hi Paul -

Ouch! I can empathise completely - it just makes your gut turn over when you have to deal with this kind of thing. Glad Olivia's OK. :-)

paulhd said...

Cheers Jason, yeah, not pleasant dealign with this sort of thing, btu part of the job I guess.
Everything's fien now, doesn't even look like there'll be a scar.

Katy said...

Coming (very) late to this, but ouch! Poor Olivia! How is it looking now? xx

paulhd said...

She's fine, slight bump that you wouldn't notice if you didn't know about the stitches. Even that should go down. She's a trooper.