Monday, May 11, 2009


Bristol came and went, and was pretty good thank you, I got to meet loads of really nice people, including most of the Huzzah boys, and a fine bunch they were too.
Anyway, I managed to show a few very talented people my work and got some good feedback. Sadly Tharg was unreceptive, proving that I should've finished those Dredd pages. Here's the Dredd I didn't finish, I've not bothered fixing mistakes here, Dredds gun boot's missing, there's a few other things, but really, I didn't finish it cos I wasn't 'feeling it'. Back to the drawing board. Literally.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

What's Dreedd fighting there, a giant mutant Slug ?! :) Cool work, better luck with Tharg next time though !!!

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Dreedd....that should be Dredd !!!

paulhd said...

It is indeed a giant mutant slug.... apart from an early version of a panel where he looks like a shiny poo.

shane oakley said...

DREDD vs, giant shiny poo, now isn't that a garth ennis story?

liking what you've done thus far, but, not knowing what you'd planned for the others, i think you should have a page or two set in mega city, as iconic as stony face himsen.

THARG can be sometimes confusing and contrary in his artistic judgments, if you turned up next year, with new pages, ever-so-slightly different style, with a beard and a new name, he'd probably give you a coupla FUTURE SHOCKS.

personally, i really think your old PUNK PRINCESS is a look you should develop for 2000AD, it's got that 'old skool' energy.

i know he's a man of few syllables with barely a heart beat, but did matt smith say anything positive? did he tell you to resubmitt in the future?

paulhd said...

First page has a BIG meg scene, and there's a few more. Took me a while to get my own building style working, and I'm not convinced I managed it.
Hmmmm, Punk Princess, forgot about that, might be an idea to look again.
Very few words, none of them positive really. Oh well, next time.