Friday, May 08, 2009

Off to Bristol

Like the title says I'm going to the Bristol Comic Con, it's been years since I've been and I'm a little nervous. Showing an artist, or editor, work and asking for feedback face to face isn't fun when you're lacking in confidence.
Originally I'd intended to queue in the 2000ad line with some Dredd samples but I still need to get to grips with the rest of his world. So, instead of killing myself to finish the pages, I've decided to do the Dredd strip after the convention, and just take my recent work.


David Hailwood said...

Hi Paul,

I hope you have a great time at the convention (I think you could probably do with a bit of R and R!). If you happen to bump into Tony Suleri, Adam Grose, Dave Thomson, and the Accent UK lads then say a hearty 'hullo' from me.

Catch you at the next one, providing I remember to advance book a ticket this time!

Gary Crutchley said...

Have a crackin' time Paul. I was planning to go meself but it didn't work out. Bugger.
So say hello to Dave Colin and all at the accent table and a big Ayup to Dave Hitchcock.

Peter Bangs said...

Hi Paul

Hope Bristol was a good experience and something positive came of it. Happy Birthday by the way.

paulhd said...

Dave - make sure you get to Brum next!
Gary - totally screwed up the small press bit, forgot it was in a sepereate building! Had a good time though.
Peter - Yup, good time was had. Had a great birthday too, cheers!