Thursday, November 04, 2010

Slaine & Judge Dredd

Here's two quick sketches I did to get a feel for how I'd like to draw both characters.Dredd is fairly standard, but I've gone for the skinny menacing look rather than the steroid version that crept in during the late 80s. Not sure about the Eagle, here. My main problem is balancing simplifying parts and keeping the detail of others.Slaine is based on the look of his first year. Despite the skill of the people involved, I don't care for the more heavy metal Slaine.


Peter Bangs said...

Slaine is superb. Love the way you've caught the McMahon vibe without resorting to mimicking his style. Haven't cared for Slaine myself since back when Glen Fabry drew him, always prefered the McMahon and Belardinelli versions. Don't care so much for the Dredd but couldn't tell you why, it's just a gut feeling I can't quantify.

Good to see more drawing though.

Steve Denton said...

Really like the Dredd Eagel. I find his uniform a massive pain to draw

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Cool !!!