Sunday, November 07, 2010


There's a story to go with this picture, based on a childhood memory.
There's a few memories I've considered turning into comics. I don't think they'll be rewarding reads, it's really just for me.
This, never really happened, of course, but it does try and capture a feeling I had about skateboarding, even if the actually skateboarding didn't work out so well.
I'm happy with the colour version, but think the b&w one might be more successful, so I'm posted it too.


Scott said...

Nice drawings. I especially like the one of the skateboarder. Wish I could draw.

Peter Bangs said...

Very cool skateboarder. It looks like one of those Tony Hawks moments every kid dreams of achieving when they're actually barely staying upright on the skateboard. Be cool to see the story.

paulhd said...

It's not much of a story, but it might get told anyway.