Thursday, April 05, 2012

Eisner nominated Nelson

Blank Slate's Nelson has nominated for best anthology in the Eisners. As a contributor I hope you don't mind if I consider myself 'The Eisner Nominated Paul Harrison-Davies' now!
It's wonderful to see Nelson nominated, whether I was in it or not, I think it's an important book purely for showcasing 54 fantastic artists with a broad range of styles, all coming together to tell a coherent story. Honestly, that's a pretty impressive trick, and one Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix pulled off remarkably.
Kenny Penman sums up why Nelson should win here.
My own contribution is below, in full. Typical for me, there's no text. I love 'silent' comics, but the truth is, I think it's important that visuals tell the story, so I work with that in mind, then when I intend to add dialogue, it feels redundant. I love reading good dialogue, and think it can really develop a character, yet I often find myself not using it which tends to mean I don't really write 'stories', just little flights of fancy. I don't mind this, in fact, I quite like it, but I suspect that whereas most people would consider silent comics a challenge, I'm using them as a crutch to avoid writing the kind of dialogue I enjoy reading. As it happens the next two comics I'm working on were 'silent', but I've decided to add dialogue to certain parts where I think it works.

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