Saturday, April 28, 2012


No Astrodog this time, I came across a Ghostbusters doodle I did and decided to turn it into a finished piece. No real effort to get the likenesses right, and I didn't bother getting any refs for Stay Puft either. There's a couple of mistakes on this one, but that's the problem when you try and keep the best bits of a doodle in a more finished style. Still, I can live with that.


peter bangs said...

Watched Ghostbusters again recently and found it hadn't aged well for me, but this makes me want to look again. Your not trying to capture the likenesses to closely caught them incredibly well. All that reading alex toth seems to have paid a dividend in that you seem to be able to capture the essence of a character pretty well.

paulhd said...

Not seen the film in about 10 years and enjoyed it. Not sure how well it'll hold up. I sort of appreciate blockbuster films that were made before the blockbuster format seemed to be cemented, and it's rambling odd pace it part of it's ramshackle charm. Of course YMMV.
Anyway, thanks for the kind words!