Thursday, March 02, 2006

Back home

All change at the moment. Looks like I’ll be getting a new boss, and about time! It’s a pain going back to my old wage, but we shouldn’t feel the pinch from the drop in pay. New person should be starting soon which means someone new and better equipped (little things like training and experience, stuff I wasn’t given the chance to acquire) will be running the show and I won’t have to! Hurrah! The place where I work is bit on the odd side and it needs a bit more than me keeping things ticking over, I don’t mind working hard on it, but I don’t like bringing it home with me and carrying it around in my head. Now I don’t have to.
Got word back about my comic today too. It’s mixed news, but not bad. Basically the editor’s happy with the story and the story telling, but has a few issues with the degree of polish. It’s a fair cop, as I said on here already, I was a bit unhappy with some of it myself and it was all down to rushing it at the end. Fortunately I’ve been given a list of the bit’s that require some work (I agree with them all, which is interesting) and a little bit of extra time to fix them. There’s not that much time so it’s still going to be a bit of hard work getting it all done which is why I feel mixed about it. On the one hand it’s great to have the chance to sort stuff out I’m not happy with, but on the other I had hoped that it was all done with and I could get on with other stuff after a bit of a lazy week. But the end result’s the important thing, and I’d like to be as proud of it as possible.
Anyway, Windermere was lovely, I feel a hell of lot more relaxed already and I do feel ready to start some new stuff (I’ve got a zombie puppet I want to make) as well as getting back to some unfinished work. I’d also like to get involved in comics again. After doing this latest one I’ve decided that I’d like to do some more. The plan, such as it is, is to pretty much please myself. The comics I’ve done up to now have always been subservient to someone else, either to another writer or just to an imagined audience and I think that’s contributed to the final work not always being true to me. I think the closest I got was with my attempt to do Simian Smith as a comic, but it doesn’t tap into enough of my interests (not much opportunity for blood for a start!), and artwise it’s still not ‘personal’ enough.
Okay, better get some drawing done!

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