Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saga of Simian

My Simian Smith manuscript arrived in the post today, which is a sure sign that it was rejected, however it was a hell of a nice rejection. The reason given was the old chestnut of not being for them, but when it's accompanied with phrases such as ‘I enjoyed it very much.... fast and funny.... terrifically clever use of repition and catch-phrases that establishes the character well.’ I can take it on the chin.
The letter also contained a few pointers and an invite to talk a little if I would find that helpful.
All in all I’m very heartened by this, I was expecting a form rejection. I’ll tinker a bit with the manuscript and try and address some of the issues mentioned and then send it on somewhere else.


Garen said...

That's very encouraging. Good luck with the next one, fingers crossed for you.

paulhd said...

Cheers. I sent off a thankyou email last night and got a reply today. Feels nice to be taken so seriously.

Danny said...

I was wondering what became of Simian... It's a very good sign though!