Thursday, July 06, 2006

With his band of men

Going to Nottingham tomorrow evening for the first for the first time in a year. Should be fun, paintballing curry and drink (not all at once, that'd be messy) - if it sounds like a boys day out then that's because it's a friends stag do.
Didn't get much work done this week, it's just been too hot (we've not had the storms yet) for me and I haven't been able to concentrate, typical Brit. I've felt sweaty and grubby all week and I'm uncharitably wishing Autumn would get a move on.
By way of a diversion (always with the diversions!) I've decided to resurrect my book (except it won't just be books, more like anything I've read or seen) review blog and have been hunting down all my old reviews as well as catching up on the new ones. It's not really about reviewing, I just like having a record of what I've read and watched, it makes me evaluate them properly, something I don't do when I first take them in (I don't mind this, I enjoying taking stuff in without thinking to hard about it), and as I don't want to keep everything I buy anymore it makes it a little easier to let them go after I've spouted of about them.


Nimiwey said...

why you wishing for autumn? it's gray and gloomy, but i guess then you'll have a baby to get to know, too.

the summer is so beautiful, although too hot.

I. N. J. Culbard said...

Spent Monday Tuesday and Wednesday travelling on trains (long journeys). Not the best weather to be doing that in. Air conditioned or not.

I much prefer autumn and spring in this country. Far more bearable. Nothing beats a gloriously sunny day with a cool breeze.

Katy said...

I'm guessing I won't be seeing you in the hood this weekend, as you'll be too busy tying Al to a lamp-post or whatever jolly larks you lads get up to when you're on a stag do. Have fun!

paulhd said...

I like grey and gloomy! Feel for you on those train journeys INJ.
Back home today and the wind is send the many shades of grey clouds rolling through the sky, the breeze is cool and I can breath again.
Sunny but cool is great, and bluster and brnacing is fab. The humid sultry weather of the last week just wears me down and crushes my spirit, which makes it hard to appreciate the brightness!
Sorry I didn't get to see you Katy, it was Kev's do (Al's was just to pricey an affair for me!) and he emerged unscathed - although we all had loads of dopey little bruises from the paintballing!