Monday, July 24, 2006

You won't break me!

Bit of rough day today. Moving boxes went fine and my folks have been doing a spot of decorating for us, but work was an exercise in pain. I didn't realise practically every aspect of the place was under warranty, but it must be as they all seemed to expire today accompanied by many puffs of smoke. Computers crashing, tills jamming, orders going weird and staff sick, and that wasn't half of it.
To unwind I've posted more reviews on Happenny Worth and am just about to finish 'The Bullet Trick' by Louise Welsh, is it better than 'The Cutting Room'? Not sure, but frankly when your books are this good it doesn't matter.


I. N. J. Culbard said...

I guess blogging puts bad days in perspective. Sounds like you have one of those cataclismic(spl?) bad days. Like when Indy tries to fly a plane out of a dig in Egypt and has a fight with Pat Roach only to have Marion get trapped in the plane and a truck load of guards arrive and the gasoline catches fire and the plane blows up.

You know those bracelets that have WWJD? (what would Jesus Do?)written on them? There ought to be one with WWID? written on them... What Would Indy Do?

I've applied that slogan to parenting. The answers quite simple. It comes up in the scene where the German's have taken the Ark in a truck and someone asks him 'what are you going to do', and he answers, quite wisely may I add...

"I don't know, I'm making this up as I go along."

Gopher said...

Yes, but the current heat waves are obviously much worse than what Indy suffered with in the Sahara, so it's hardly fair.

Everything seems much worse with this heat - I certainly wouldn't want to be moving - but then again, I always hate moving. My principle now is to always pay somebody else - let them sweat it out.

paulhd said...

'Making it up as I go along' is my philosophy - as well as being a fave Idy moment (the other would be the salute after climbing on top of a sub and decking the Nazi for his uniform and and and.... oh no, too many brilliant bits!)
I'm writing this from the grave, this move has been HARD.
Details to follow - when I'm online proper and not sneaking of to cafes on my lunch break.