Thursday, November 23, 2006

For Mr Glazebrook

Man this one took longer than it should've! I fiddled about far too much with the placing of each zombie to try and give them a decent outline but still look like a big jumble of DEATH!
Obviously this scene doesn't quite appear in Return of the Living Dead, but I'm gonna call artistic license if that's ok.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Fantastic !! And you remembered those leg warmers too !! I love Return of the Living Dead,along with Evil Dead 2 one of the best times I had at the cinema !! The DVD has some nice interviews with Dan O'Bannon and William Stout who's artwork I've always loved !!! Chhers for this piccy ! :)

paulhd said...

Cheers man! It's a rocking film, sadly my copy is the R2 so it has no extras. Did enjoy the O'Bannon interview on Dead and Buried, might have to get hold of the R1 Living Dead.
Evil Dead? Groovy!
Now, better edit the post to give you your full sirname!

Jo Bling said...

Close enough to Return Of The Living Dead for mine, when that Punky Scream Queen gets it - you sent this to Nik @ Zombiedollars, Paul?

paulhd said...

I haven't as it happens, should correct that really.

Jo Bling said...

good man!