Thursday, November 09, 2006

Long post

(Edited to fix links.... hopefully)
Normal life is resumed, or gone forever depending how you look at it. Rebecca is finally out of hospital and last night was Olivia’s first in her new home, and therefore my first night of interrupted sleep - luckily Peter was right, having Olivia lying on my chest easily balanced out being woken.
Nonbaby stuff now.
Last Saturday was the Lancaster Comic Con and I managed to get an hour off work to have a look, which was a good move as although the con was unsurprisingly small it was perfectly formed. Catching up with Solar Wind creator Paul Scott was nice (even if he had forgotten me! And after I’d contributed to Solar Wind 2. Mind you that was 3 years ago so fair enough) and getting a stack of Solar Winds was an added bonus.
Talked to small press mogul Jay Eales about our contributions to Best New Manga and I picked up an issue of the Girly Comic, edited by his Partner Selina, and very good indeed, as well as a couple of issues of the top Violent!, including the last one I contributed to (for the excellent strip Flatworm)
A quick chat with Colin Mathieson of AccentUk might mean I’ll be doing a short strip for their next anthology, it may even be written by Jason Cobley, which would be great as it’s a long time since we’ve worked together. The ‘could’s’ are due to dwindling time on my part, but it’s a zombie anthology so frankly I’ll just have to make time!
I also picked up The Faceless from the very friendly Adrian Salmon, which I highly recommend you check it out (it’s available on amazon if you’re comicshopless) The artwork is beautiful and I love the story as it’s set in the 60’s, involves a secret society, monsters and the main character as well as being a two fisted monster fighter is also a super cool seducer of women and director of horror films for a studio that bares more than a passing resemblance to Hammer)
A few more nice chaps and comics rounded out my flying visit and then it was back to work. I hope that the con proves to be an annual event and that it grows from it’s very respectable beginnings.
Even with the big new happy responsibility I hope to get working on stuff. Instead of feeling like writing and drawing is even less likely than before I really feel like doing stuff. I hope to take a look at the various things I’d been writing and see if I can’t make sense of them. Drawing wise I’m not sure what I’ll be up to, some more spot illos when I can think of something and possibly a comic strip or two - I bumped into John Freeman of Down the Tubes yesterday, he was still feeling excited from the Lancaster con and was thinking about channelling that into something, which might give me something to aim for - I don’t necessarily produce my best work to deadline, but I do produce more!


I. N. J. Culbard said...

Babies are lovely when they're so small. More baby talk, I DEMAND IT!!!!

On comics: Jay and Selina are lovely people. they're also doing this NaNo one month writing a book thing, and Selina very kindly loaned me a small library on WW1 books, which was tremendously kind. Going to be working with Selina on a story soon for something I'm not sure I can talk about yet. needless to say, she's on writing duties and I'm on art sometime in December. Looking forward to it.

paulhd said...

Still impressed that you're doing this NaNo thing, sounds great but tough.
Didn't mention it in the post but I did contribute art to the 1st Girly Comic - part way through writing the post I realised what a quitter I was!
I'm sure there'll be mucho baby talk, right now mam and baby are having time together and I'm waiting for The Might Boosh's appearance on Jonathan Ross.

paul said...

i managed to get my lazy arse to page 45 on friday only to find they'd sold out of this season's must-have book 'the mammoth book of best new manga'!

i'm glad it's doing well, but honestly, selling out before i got my copy... it's just not on i say.

hopefully i'll have my hands on a copy later this week when they've re-stocked.

paulhd said...

Sorry you haven't got hold of BNM yet Paul, but still nice to hear it's sold out!

Paul said...

Hey Paul, good to catch up with you, I forget everyone (ask Jay), there really are some bits of my brain missing!

paulhd said...

No problem Paul, as long as the comic bits of your brain works, that's the important thing:)