Saturday, November 18, 2006

What was I thinking?

Mix boredom, obsessiveness, bizarre sleeping hours and new beta blog account and you get me wading through my old blog posts. Which is weird, and scarily enlightening. Lot’s of posts about plans for things that haven’t happened, morose musing and not enough actual work.
Glad I got a lot of that out of my system:)
Found some interesting comics as I wasted valuable sleeping time, Zombee by Miles Gunter and Victor Santos sounds like fun; samurai, ninja, zombies? Yeah, I’m buying that.
I’ll also be buying Chickenhare. There’s preview pages here and the Bone influence shows pretty heavy, which is fine as it also has it’s own flavour.


Peter Bangs said...

You've won me over with chickenhare. I can see the Bone influence but I could see a bunch of other potential influences as well, brought to mind Brian Ralph for me. But for around £7 I'm gonna have to buy it. Now all I've gotta do is sneak it into the house and onto the bookshelf before Karen notices. (Just kidding)

Peter Bangs said...

One last post before you start to think I'm netstalking you. Just been looking at this site
and noticed they have a cafepress store set up to offer the drawings on there in notecard form etc. With, I believe, no cash set up involved maybe you should consider doing that yourself for you own drawings.

Nimiwey said...

baby in bed doesn't have to be a long term commitment if you dont want it to be. you can get an attachment for your bed that puts the baby up right next to your wife and not typical thrashing dad, there's also something that would put her inbetween you and shock you severely if you roll onto, okay, it doesnt do that but it should okay dont steal my intellectual property im totally going to market that.

but there are co-sleeping things you can buy off the internet that would ease your anxieties :-)

nvokes said...

His name is Miles Gunter,by the way and u may be interested in knowing that Miles wrote it with me in mind to draw it,but my schedule helped screw that up-on the bright side,Victor did such an outstanding job that i can't see anyone else -including me-doing it justice...;o)